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Poker and Philosophy: Alexis Carrel

All great men are gifted with intuition. They know without reasoning or analysis, what they need to know. - Alexis Carrel

Unless you're intimately familiar with early 20th century history, it's unlikely that you know the name Alexis Carrel. He was a Nobel-Prize winning surgeon and biologist from France who helped develop technologies crucial to organ transplantation with help from Charles Lindbergh. While he made some questionable choices in his life (including the same interest in eugenics that many biologists shared in the 20th century), Carrel's devotion to health and medicine — he advanced vascular surgery and wound antisepsis as well — makes him someone who left the earth a better place than it was before he was born.

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One of the things that Carrel believed in was that intuition was at the core of most of his great discoveries. Intuition, especially in the case of someone like Carrel, would be the unconscious application of accumulated knowledge from his experiences to a new problem or situation. Poker, of course, is rife with moments where intuition plays a huge role in the decisions that you make, even if expected value and pot odds aren't on your side.

A good poker player knows how to find the balance between intuition and the math that acts as the underpinning for the game. The reason that real-money poker can't just be played by the math alone (even if the math is never wrong) is that other players are involved, not just the house and that an astute player can soon start to find patterns and behaviors that make it easier to put one person on a hand.

If you're playing against a loose aggressive player, for example, you might believe it's difficult to determine what they're holding at any given time considering how frequently they bet. In fact, their behaviors simplify the way you should play: don't make continuation bets, don't bother bluffing them, and don't even try to read them. Their devotion to playing like a maniac can be their undoing because you can take a mediocre hand against them from position and flat-call your way into the pot. You shouldn't relax your hand selection as a whole against them, but when you have position on your side, you should take advantage of them.

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If your intuition tells you to go with your whole stack by the end of the hand, you should do exactly that. Knowing when you're throwing good money after good (instead of the more fiscally disastrous opposite) requires intuition, and the best poker players learn to expand its reach as they go.

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