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Bovada offers online poker players with any size bankroll and any skill level the games they've been looking for. As part of a gaming network that has been offering players high-quality and secure online gaming and entertainment since the 1990s, you're guaranteed the best possible experience.

Start your account at Bovada Poker today and you can get a deposit bonus of up to $1,000, and that's just the beginning.

When you ask players what they're looking for in an online poker room, they'll give you a few different answers but it's virtually guaranteed that "game selection" will be at the very top of the list. Bovada gives U.S. online poker players the best game choices available, ranging from free "play money" online games to their weekly $100,000 guaranteed events where players battle for their share of a massive prize pool. There's always a sit and go tournament, cash game or scheduled event happening at Bovada, and that means you're always able to play the game you love.

On top of the robust schedule, Bovada has made it easy and fast to find the exact game you're looking for thanks to an intuitive, player-centric software design. You can filter game types, buy-ins and other factors with just a few clicks. Bovada also offers an OSX-compatible version of their software, giving Mac owners the best experience going.

Along with game selection, online poker players expect high-quality promotions, bonuses and rewards. The 100% first-time deposit bonus of up to $1,000 is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg for Bovada players. The site hosts ongoing promotions such as the popular King of the Felt heads-up tournament series, where the current wearer of the crown defends their throne and wins $1,000 each week along with cash bonuses and more. Bovada's Bad Beat Bonuses help take the sting out of getting outdrawn at the table and new players can look forward to exclusive qualifiers to the site's largest ongoing weekly event.

In addition to their ongoing programs, Bovada hosts qualifiers and satellites that give players access to some of the biggest and best events in the game. Bovada players have earned seats in the World Series of Poker, Punta Cana Poker Classic, the Asian Poker Tour and more. Bovada also works hard to make it easier for players to find themselves playing in exotic locations with an aggressive qualifier schedule that frequently lets them in on the action for as little as $1.

Game selection and promotions are just the beginning of how Bovada gives its players more. Your wallet is fully useable across all of Bovada's properties, including its world-famous sportsbook and online casino. You can use your winnings at the poker table in a blackjack game in Bovada's casino and vice versa.

Bovada Poker is committed to player security and they currently use the best possible data encryption and security technology available - the same technology, in fact, used by many of the world's largest financial institutions. There are very strict controls placed on any data related to a player's identity and the site regularly performs audits to ensure that the highest standards of privacy and security are met.

Bovada's commitment to security and fairness extends to the games themselves with strict measures in place to prevent collusion and cheating of any kind. As Bovada Poker only collects the rake from the games hosted on the site, they're highly vested in a fair play experience and have a pledge to their players that reflects that. Furthermore, Bovada uses card shuffling software that has been certified by Gaming Associates, a third party dedicated to ensuring that all players have an unbiased experience.

Player support at Bovada is second to none. If you have any questions about your account or any game, they're available 24/7/365 via email, phone or live chat through the Bovada software. Most issues are resolved within a day, with many handled in the space of a few minutes. Payouts are handled with the same efficiency.

Bovada Poker is more than just another place to play poker online; it's constantly innovating and engaged with its players. With the best game selection, promotions, security and support, it's easy to see why so many U.S. online poker players have chosen to go with Bovada poker, an established industry leader.

Poker Deposit Bonuses - How And Why They Are Offered

By Matthew Mark

Poker deposit bonuses have become so commonly offered on the various online poker playing rooms, which are usually affiliated to various online casinos, that they have come to be viewed as the 'expected thing.' In other words, an online poker playing room that does not offer its members at least some form of deposit bonuses, in this day and age, is bound to look very odd indeed. The bonuses we are talking about here are, by the way, simply arrangements where members are made aware of a plan where upon their deposition of monies into their online poker accounts, the online poker room managements are to be topping up those deposits. For instance, it may be clarified that for every deposit into the online poker playing account, the online poker player room is to be offering 10% more. This way, you deposit 70 dollars into the account and when you get into the actual playing space, you find that your balance has actually gone up to 77 dollars, with the extra 7 dollars being the bonus amount.

Answering the question on how the poker deposit bonuses are offered, we can see two main approaches. The first approach is where the bonuses are instant: so that (like in the case described in the introduction), the moment you deposit money into the account, the bonus amount is instantly added, and the balance which is inclusive of your bonus becomes your new total balance. On the upside, this approach to the implementation of poker bonuses is not tiresome to the poker players: the whole thing is automatic. On the downside, the approach reduces the psychological impact of the bonuses (as they are automatic). The beneficiaries may not even notice them!

The other approach is where the poker deposit bonuses are offered through codes. This is how we end up with poker deposit bonus codes. In this case, the moment the player deposits money into his account, a code is generated. At this point, his account balance will read as per the exact amount he has deposited. It is upon entering the code generated (later) that the bonus is unleashed, pushing up his account balance according. The upside to this implementation of poker bonuses is that it has a huge psychological impact - as the beneficiary of the bonus can't receive it and just ignore it. To receive it, he actually has to enter the code, and in the process, his mind (however 'far away' it may have been) is drawn close to the fact that he is actually receiving a bonus. And that is exactly what the desired outcome of the whole bonus-giving business is, seeing that the idea is to motivate the bonus beneficiaries towards given courses of action. The downside to this implementation of deposit bonuses is that it is too involving (the whole code generation and eventual entry affair), which can be off-putting to some recipients who feel that 'they don't need the money so much anyway.'

We are left with the question as to why poker deposit bonuses are given. The answer is that, as alluded to earlier, poker deposit bonuses are given to motivate the recipients to deposit more money, more regularly, into their playing accounts. Their doing so is beneficial to the business of online poker playing room administrators, hence the reason as to why they are willing to finance the bonuses, often at considerable cost.

Incentives like poker deposit bonuses along with no deposit poker bonus are making online poker quite attractive to new players.

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Top Ten Online Poker Rooms

1 - Paradise Poker

Billed accurately as the "World's Largest Online Cardroom", Paradise offers the standard variety of games, including tournaments 16 hours a day. The most action is always found at this site, 24 hours a day. Highly recommended.

2 - Planet Poker

Was the first online Poker site and is the home of the "Mad Genius" himself, Mike Caro. You can play all your favorite poker games for free or for real money against people from around the world. Choose from Hold'em, Stud Hi & Hi-Lo, Omaha Hi & Hi-Lo, Draw, lowball & Razz, at limits starting at $.05/$.10 to $20/$40, or play in one of our regularly scheduled tournaments.

3 - Ultimatebet

Probably the most well endorsed site out there. Has the backing (perhaps not financial, but certainly in name) of a number of big players including: Phil Hellmuth, T.J. Cloutier, Annie Duke, Russ Hamilton and Scotty Nguyen. Recommended.

4 - POKER.COM: Free Download ~ $50.00 Deposit Bonus

Good site overall. The website offers a lot of additional information.

5 -

The newest on the online poker scene, PartyPoker is presented by the same people that brought you CardPlayer Cruises, including Mike Sexton. Their current big promotion is an online tournament that leads to a big event aboard a CardPlayer cruise.

6 - CCC Poker

Only site with a true international flavor, presented by the same people running the Concord Card Casino (hence the 'CCC') in Vienna, Austria. Site offers a German-language option.

7 - True Poker

Definitely the most lavish player interface anywhere online. Players get to select their own character appearance at the tables., and choose True Poker as the ultimate online poker experience.

8 - 4Knights Poker

9 -

Currently, they only offer Texas Hold'em. In addition to a good links section, players can beta-test new games with play money, including tournaments.

10 - Casino

11 -

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